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Silfurberg Resort offers four high quality rooms and a studio apartment located in a newly renovated barn. The rooms are situated at the west end of the barn and the studio apartment is in the east end of the barn.

We also offer all the rooms in the west end of the barn together, including a kitchen, a dining room and a large living room for three or more days.

Silfurberg also offers bedrooms in the farmhouse.

Our mission is to offer our guests a comfortable environment and great personal service. We hope to make your stay at Silfurberg memorable. All accommodations are top notch. The rooms are designed with quality and comfort in mind. At Silfurberg we have a lounge, a bar and wireless Internet. We offer exercise facilities and outdoor hot tubs and saunas. We also have a court for playing boules on the premises.

Breakfast is included. Other meals, lunch, midday refreshments and dinner can be arranged given notice. We offer healthy and delicious food and only use the best and freshest ingredients available. We serve fish from the valley and from the lake above the resort, our own lamb from Þorgrímsstaðir, reindeer and vegetables from the region. The bar is open based on agreement.

Deluxe Rooms in the Barn house:

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We offer four bedrooms with king size beds. Rooms with two single beds are also available. Each room has stunning views. A private bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer comes with each room. Silfurberg offers wireless Internet. Breakfast is included in the price.

Four Bedroom Apartment in the Barn house:


The four bedrooms previously mentioned are part of an apartment, which can be rented for 3 days or more, with or without service according to agreement. The apartment has two floors. Upstairs there are four bedrooms, all with private bathrooms and showers. Each room comes with a hair dryer. Washer and dryer are on the upper floor. Showers and dressing rooms for those who use the sauna and hot tub are also located upstairs. Downstairs there is a well-equipped kitchen, dining room and a living room. The apartment has television and wireless Internet.

Studio Apartment in the Barn house:

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The apartment is beautifully decorated. Upstairs there is an open space with a double sofa bed and two single beds, a table and chairs, a kitchenette with a stove and a refrigerator, television and wireless Internet. The apartment has large windows with stunning views. Downstairs there is a bathroom with a shower and hair dryer. Breakfast is included in the price.

Double Rooms in the Farmhouse:

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Silfurberg also offers rooms in the farmhouse. The rooms either have a king size bed or two single beds. All rooms have private bathrooms with a shower and hair dryer. Wireless Internet is available in the farmhouse. Breakfast is included in the price.

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